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POWER HP 1,5 L40P4

Professional wet & dry vaccum cleaner polypropylene  tank        1motor

Powerfull – versatile – strong

Compact size wet & dry vaccum cleaner for big performance. Resolve any cleaning problem in the world of business.


strong polypropylen carriage
N. motors 1
Max. power. W 1300 max
Depression 2200 mm/h2o
Tank Lt 40
Air flow 180 m³/h
Weight kg 8
Dimensions cm 40x40xh83
Accessories Ø 40

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A smart powerfull head
aspiratore power TRON 1 motore

An only one design head very strength with one 1300 W double-stage motor  for solids – liquids removal

POWER HP 1,5 L35A being powerfull and strong with big capacity tank and a perfect filtration system, it’s a valuable work instrument in the business world .


Standard kit wet & dry Ø 40 composed of :

  •  AC40A – Complete flexible Ø 40 tube mt 2
  •  AC40B – Tool cm 40 for wet & dry only body
  •  AC40C – Dry tool cm 40
  •  AC40D – Wet tool  cm 40
  •  AC40E – Cromium handle Ø 40
  •  AC40R – Crevice tool Ø 40
  •  AC40G – PVC rigid tube cm 50 Ø 40  NR 2 PCS
  •  AC40HT – Brush tool Ø 40
strong points

The big vacuuming power and the special accessories let to remove a big quantity of liquids and dust without leaving any residual .