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Vacuum cleaners with power plug  to connect electrical tools like drills, lapping machines, groovers.

Double filtration system to prevent dust sticking on filter .

N. motors 1
Max. power. W 1400 max
Depression 2200 mm/h2o
Air flow 180 m³/h
Tank Lt 35
Weight kg 11
Dimensions cm 40x40xh80
Accessories telecontrol kit Ø 40

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strong points
utilizzo telecontrol

TELECONTROL vacuum cleaner let vacuuming to combine a powerfull vacuum with a perfect  double filter filtration . This system prevent dust sticking on poly filter increasing its life. Work with every elettro tools with a W 1500 max . The vacuum cleaner starts when the tool is connected to power plug and continue some second after tool switching off. Thanks to AUTO STOP function the machine remove all the residual and dust automatically.


Kit accessori standard polvere-liquidi Ø 40 composta da :

  •  AC40A – Complete flexible Ø 40 tube mt 2
  •  AC36TEL –  flexitube Ø 36 telecontrol
  • TRON2737 –  universal adaptor for electro tools Ø 36
  •  AC40B – Tool cm 40 for wet & dry only body
  •  AC40C – Dry tool  cm 40
  •  AC40D – Wet tool  cm 40
  •  AC40E – Cromium handle Ø 40
  •  AC40R – Crevice tool Ø 40
  •  AC40G – PVC rigid tube cm 50 Ø 40  NR 2 PCS
  •  AC40HT – Brush tool Ø 40