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TRON wet -dry vacuum cleaner weighing tank

Professional wet & dry vaccum cleaner weighing inox tank   3 motor

Powerfull – efficient – strong

Wet & dry vaccum cleaner with weighing tank for great performance. Resolve any cleaning problem in the world of business.


TRON wet -dry vacuum cleaner weighing tank
N. motors 3
Max. power. W 3900 max
Depression 2200 mm/h2o
Air flow 540 m³/h
Tank Lt 50
Weight kg 25
Dimensions cm 60x59xh100
Accessories Ø 40

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A smart powerfull head
powerfull motor head 3

An only one design head very strength with three 1300 W double-stage motors for removing solids – liquids

POWER HP 4,5 L50AB being powerfull and strong with big capacity tank and a perfect filtration system, it’s a valuable work instrument in the business world .


Standard kit wet & dry Ø 40 composed of :

  •  AC40A – Complete flexible Ø 40 tube mt 2
  •  AC40B – Tool cm 40 for wet & dry only body
  •  AC40C – Dry tool cm 40
  •  AC40D – Wet tool  cm 40
  •  AC40E – Cromium handle Ø 40
  •  AC40R – Crevice tool Ø 40
  •  AC40G – PVC rigid tube cm 50 Ø 40  NR 2 PCS
  •  AC40HT – Brush tool Ø 40
cleaning tool for huge amount of dust and liquid in big area.

Our weighing carriage with high sliding strong wheels let you mount the cm 60 accessiories for liquid or dust mode . This accessories will make you vacuum big floorspace in a short time and with the best efficency .

TRON vacuum cleaners have a unique weighing tank on a strong metal carriage ,this system let you empty the tank quickly

The inox weighing tank is mount on metal carriage with  a fast nylon joint system. This let you empty the tank from solids and liquids  in a very short time and safely .