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Roltron 348 b

Li ion battery scrubber dryer for daily or scheduled deep cleaning on any kind of floor in small – medium size
areas, very simple , compact and  easy to be moved

serbatioio reupero
spazzole controrotanti roltron 348 b
brushes easy removal
Roltron 348 b
Working width 350mm
Volts 39,6 V
Batteries 1 x Li ion 8,6 Ah
Max productivity 900 m²/h
Brush pressure 8 Kp
Brush Rpm 650 rpm
Vaccum motor 600 W
Clean water tank 4lt
Recovery tank 4lt
Weight ( with battery) 19 Kg
Dimensions 450x360x260 cm

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Strong points

ROLTRON 348 B has two inclined counter rotating brushes, with a special
design, that will remove even the toughest dirt also from grouted floor and
up to the wall edge, using a small quantity of detergent.

ROLTRON 348 has a real vacuum system  to clean and perfectly dry any floor. A suction squeegee will pick up all the dirt water inside an easily removable tank.

innovative li-ion battery
batteria ricaricabile ioni di litio

ROLTRON 348 B  : ” The same performance of a cabled version ”

His lithium battery technology make this machines an high performace scrubber dryer as the most industrial type on market. This li ion battery don’t suffer of voltage drain damage and can be charged / disharged without any capacity lost during years. Very little and easy for a big productivity



  • Cod. TU1501 : Couple nylon brush (standard)
  • Li-ion Battery  8,6 Ah
  • Automatic charger for Li ion battery
  • Cod. TU1303 :  Moquette brush+mouth
  • Cod. TU1501T : Couple tynex brush
  • Cod. TU1503 : Couple moquete brush
  • Cod. TU1505 :  Couple holder plates.
  • Cod. TU1507 : Couple pad microfiber
  • Cod. TU8529 :  Couple pad green.
  • Cod. TU8528B : Couple pad white
  • Cod. TU1300 :   Moquette mouth
  • Cod. TU1700  :Rubber mouth ( standard )
lavaggio tutte le superfici

ROLTRON 348 has a rich gamma of brushes and polishing disks both for cleaning and polishing , a best efficiency for all kind of dirt and for all kind of surfaces .

It’ s the ideal compact machine for house, office, shop and laboratory; practical, speedy and reliable.


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